Gemini, Mirrorhaul Technology

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​Gemini, Mirrorhaul technology*​

The Solution

Gemini, Mirrorhaul Technology, is the only​ solution that allows you to deliver ethernet​ services or protected high-capacity services, without any type of loss when​ balancing or changing routes.​

This one-of-a-kind solution works like a mirror​ and is made possible by simultaneously​ transmitting the same traffic through both​ routes, avoiding the flaps that can occur in​ these types of networks when there is a failure.​

Especially designed by Gold Data for the: OTT, Financial, Gaming and Video Transport Markets, and for all segments that require high availability.


  • Virtually 100%​ availability and guarantees exceptional quality​ in critical backhaul circuits
  • 0 Downtime
  • 0 Packet Loss
  • 0 Commutation
  • 0 Jitter
  • Same Latency
  • No Hit
  • No Outage
  • No Flaps

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