Skydiver and B.A.S.E. Jumper

Carlos Pedro Briceño



My parents told me that, the only way for me to do skydiving would be when I pay myself for it. So, after I finished my degree of Bachelor of Business Management in Australia, I got my first job as a cost Controller in an Oil Company in Venezuela. It was finally then when I’ve got enough money to go for it, and I did my first skydive ever. Since then, I haven’t stopped. After 20 years, I have done over 9,000 skydives, and 1,000 BASE jumps. I have been doing it professionally for the last 10 years participating in multiple events, competitions, amazing stunt projects and research & development for the benefit of human flight.

I feel very fortunate to be part of a very little percentage of the world population that have the opportunity of flying. Flying to me is a unique feeling that you don't get with any other sport. It is really addictive. Nowadays, I travel the world teaching, coaching, and living my life to the fullest.

I could say that my favorite way of flying is wingsuit BASE, the fact of hiking up a mountain and flying down from it, it is just unreal. I just want to keep flying around the world, inspiring many others and keep helping on the evolution of human flight.


Actor and stunt in the movie B.A.S.E. Winner

Best Film at Dutch Mountain Film Festival

5th Target Competition at World

Wingsuit League 2018

7th Speed Competition at World

Wingsuit League 2016

2nd Place at the TRIBU RACES, Hot Gates Race

2014 Deland, USA

9th Place at the PROBASE World Cup 2013

Stechelberg, Switzerland

Overall Champion of the Copa Oakley 2012

Higuerote, Venezuela

3rd Place at the PROBASE World Cup 2011

Symi Island, Greece

4th Place at BASE JUMP Extreme World Championship 2011

Hotel Bali, Benidorm, España

1st Place of Freefly at Copa GO PRO 2011

Higuerote, Venezuela

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