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I have always been very active and energetic. When I was one year old, my parents thought they lost me! They looked for me everywhere and then realized I had learned how to flip out of my crib. They found me under my bed sleeping. I started to kite surf when I was 8 1/2 years old. My parents wouldn't let me start earlier even though I wanted to! They told me I had to wait until I was nine but I convinced them to let me start when I was 8 and a half! Kiting is my passion. I had a kite teacher named Reinaldo. He was from Venezuela and not only did he teach me kiting but he also taught me how to drive the Dune Buggy! So now when I go to train in other spots along our beach, I get to drive. I like to ride my motorcycle, as well. My godfather bought me a motorcycle when I was 8 years old. I am really good at riding in the soft sand! I like to ride on the beach and in the sand dunes by my house. I was homeschooled until 2017 when I started going to the @World Class Kiteboarding Academy High School, which is a school made for kids like me! We were a group of twenty students and five teachers from all over the world. We traveled around the world to the best kitesurfing spots where we study and kitesurfing everyday! Now in 2018 and 2019 with the busy schedule of the pro tour I have returned to a home school based education as I balance competition with a globally diverse education like no other and the academic requirements of correspondance learning.


Reigning World Champion

GKA Kiteboarding World Championships 2018

Reigning World Champion

WKC Elite League Freestyle Kiteboarding World Championships 2018

1st Place

WKC Elite League Freestyle Tour 2018 - Brazil

1st Place

WKC Elite League Freestyle Tour 2018 - Morocco

1st Place

WKC Elite League Freestyle Tour 2018 - Turkey

1st Place

GKA Kiteboarding World Championships 2018 - Fehmarn, Germany

1st Place

GKA Kiteboarding World Championships 2018 - Cabarete

1st Place

GKA Kiteboarding World Championships 2018 - Tarifa, Spain


WKC Pro Kitesurfing Freestyle Tour 2017 and 2018

Jr. World Champion

2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

2nd Place overall

WKL Pro Tour Qualifier League 2017

1st Place

WKL Qualifier League Egypt 2017

1st Place

IFKO World Junior Freestyle championship 2016

1st Place

VKWC World Junior Freestyle championship 2015 - Girls Under 17

5th Place

European Junior Kitesurf Freestyle Cup 2015 - Girls Under 19

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