Gold Data is ready to revolutionize Mexico’s connectivity


Gold Data is ready to revolutionize Mexico’s connectivity

Sunrise, Florida, 30 August 2021 – Gold Data, a leading network provider in Latin America, is excited to announce that it is only months away from launching its network expansion, which is expected to empower low latency, high quality connectivity within Mexico.

In 2021, Mexico is expected to have a US$1.2 Trillion GDP economy, and this combined with a population surpassing 130 million people, it will represent a massive opportunity for the high quality, agile, end-to-end enterprise and wholesale connectivity solutions this new in-country network will create.

This privately funded US$100 million investment will be delivered in three phases. The first, which is expected to go live in December 2021, will provide low latency, redundant connectivity between all major data centers, PoPs and sport stadiums within Mexico City. We will then focus on expanding connectivity to and within Queretaro, which has become the new datacenter hotspot in Latin America and which is well on the way to becoming the hub for industry 4.0 in the region.

The state-of-the-art ring topology network is expected to revolutionize Mexico’s connectivity by reducing latency by up to 20%, something that is key for enterprises and content providers which are hungry for reliable, low latency, high quality connectivity.

As a special offer, and to mark this momentous event in its journey, Gold Data is pleased to offer ITW attendants 6-month free Mexico connectivity when they agree to become customers of this new exciting network.

‘This new network expansion is part of our continual growth strategy, as we continue to capitalize on the company’s innovations to better serve in-region customers or global partners wanting to address the fast-growing Latin American communication and media markets’, says Renato Tradardi, CEO at Gold Data.

Gold data is not only your network partner for the Americas, but soon also the main partner for Mexico as we solidify our promise of connectivity, agility and quality through innovation.

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Gold Data is a multinational information technology company which focuses on telecommunications infrastructure and services and provides direct connectivity through the Americas and the Caribbean, interconnecting more than 156 PoPs, 76 data centers with presence in 11 countries. Gold Data is also developing news business lines such as content production and distribution, streaming and digital marketing.

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