Gold Data is entering the second phase of its Mexico network expansion


Gold Data is entering the second phase of its Mexico network expansion

Sunrise, Florida, May 10 2022 – Gold Data, a leading Latin America network provider, is proud to announce that it is entering the second phase of expansion of its Mexico network. Initiated in 2021, with planned investments of US$180 million within four years, the company has succeeded in deploying a low-latency network to interconnect the most important data centers in the country. The Mexico City - Querétaro branch is now ready for service, while a fully underground route is expected to be operational in August 2022.

Furthermore, the construction of a totally new underground network between Mexico City and Veracruz will begin in January 2023, creating a cross-country fully redundant connectivity fabric between Mexico, Querétaro and Veracruz.

In addition, Gold Data is working on expanding its Mexico network towards the US by building an underground system between Mexico and Dallas through McAllen, a branch which should be ready for service in 2023. Finally, an underground route connecting Mexico to Los Angeles via El Paso should start operating in 2024.

As the third largest IT exporter for the world as a whole, Mexico is fast becoming the home of a new wave of entrepreneurs looking for a fresh alternative to Silicon Valley. The growth potential of the Mexican market is exceptional to say the least, leading several global companies to invest in its expansion, which in turn has the potential to reinvent Mexico as the technology hub for Latin America.

‘Gold Data’s ultimate goal is to provide leading edge diverse connectivity options, to meet the rapidly growing demand within Mexico, as well as with the US. This to satisfy the needs of the increasing number of startups, OTTs and hyperscalers looking to capitalize on the country’s buoyant technology and innovation ecosystem’ says Renato Tradardi, CEO of Gold Data.

Gold Data is fast on its way to become the partner of choice of all mission-critical connectivity requirements, may it be data or video, within Mexico and the LATAM region as a whole.

About Gold Data

Gold Data is a multinational information technology company which focuses on telecommunications infrastructure and services and provides direct connectivity through the Americas and the Caribbean, interconnecting more than 156 PoPs, 76 data centers with presence in 11 countries.